The Hillbilly

"A Hoo-Wee Good Time Is Guaranteed For All" 

The whole Barber family done welcomes ya to our web sight. And we're a hopin' you take a moment or two to get ta know us'n a little bit betters.  All of the Barbers are talented in there'n own ways, from sangin' and a whittlin', to cookin' and  makin' some mighty fine shine.

Our strong family roots date back to the early 1800's when ol' Rufus Barber opened a local Babershop. Yea, Barbers' Barbershop.  A homey place where there was always a story or two to be told, whiskers to be trimmed, and harmony that was accompanied by local musicians who'd fiddle and thump a tea chest bass, while eefin' and ham-bonin' till supper time came 'round.
Now-a-days this current configurization of sangers are keeping' the family tradition alive by presenting' an A Cappello version, backwoods/hee-haw style to audiences all over the local neck of the woods and even further. 

Takin' them tweeter notes is "SQUIRREL", while "POPS" handles the mellow-dee and hands it off now and then to Squirrel and Dub. And holding on to them thar bass tones is "DARYL", while the barleycorn is sunged by "DUB" (Daryl's Uther Brother).

As we always say..."A Hoo-Wee Good Time Is Guaranteed For All."

Contact us'n today, cousin. You can "Like" us on Facebook, "Follow" us on Twitter and even buy something Hillbilly-like and keep in touch with us thru our Web-Sight.

Ain't technologee somethin'? Purdy neat, huh!